Investor Relations Policy

  1. Purpose and Principles
  2. AIMS APAC REIT (“AA REIT”) is committed to engaging Unitholders and Stakeholders through regular, effective and fair communication. Unitholders comprise individuals and institutional clients, and Stakeholders comprise research houses, the investment community and the media. AA REIT will strive to ensure that all Unitholders are provided with timely and equal access to all publicly available information of AA REIT.

    This IR Policy outlines the principles and framework for AA REIT to promote effective communication with Unitholders, to enable them to engage actively with AA REIT and exercise their rights as Unitholders in an informed manner.

    This IR Policy is subject to regular review by the board of directors of the Manager (the “Board”) to ensure its effectiveness. Updates and amendments are made to reflect best practices in communications with Unitholders and Stakeholders.

  3. Unitholders’ Meetings
  4. The annual general meetings and other general/extraordinary meetings of AA REIT are the primary forum for communication with Unitholders and for Unitholder participation. AA REIT encourages Unitholders to participate in Unitholders’ meetings physically, virtually or to appoint proxies to attend and vote at such meetings for and on their behalf if they are unable to attend.

    Notices of general meetings, proxy forms and accompanying documents will be provided within the prescribed time prior to the meetings on the website of AA REIT ( and via SGXNET, the website of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) (

    Unitholders’ meetings will be held where the Chairman of the Board of AIMS APAC REIT Management Limited, the Manager of AA REIT (the “Manager”) and the Chairman of the Audit Committee and Directors are present to answer questions from Unitholders.

  5. Reporting of Operating and Financial Results
  6. AA REIT reports its operating and financial results on a quarterly basis and produces interim and full year financial statements, business updates and annual report in accordance with the Listing Manual of SGX-ST and other applicable laws and regulations (the “Regulatory Requirements”). From time to time, AA REIT communicates other information to Unitholders by way of SGXNET announcements and/or circulars, in compliance with the Regulatory Requirements.

  7. Corporate Website
  8. AA REIT’s website ( provides information on AA REIT, including Unitholder communication.

    The Manager will make available annual reports, interim and full-year financial statements, business updates, announcements and circulars of AA REIT in the “Investor Relations” section of the corporate website as soon as practicable following their release via SGXNET. Relevant press releases are also made available to facilitate communication between AA REIT, Unitholders and Stakeholders.

    Unitholders and Stakeholders may subscribe to an email alert service at the corporate website to receive regular updates on AA REIT’s announcements.

  9. Communication with AA REIT
  10. To facilitate communication between AA REIT, Unitholders and Stakeholders, the Manager’s channels of communications and engagements from time to time include but are not limited to the following: results briefings, one-on-one/group meetings, domestic/international non-deal roadshows/conferences and virtual presentations.

    Unitholders may, at any time, direct questions, request for publicly available information and provide comments and suggestions to Directors or the Manager of AA REIT. Such questions, requests and comments can be addressed to AA REIT’s Investor Relations team. Contact details are available from AA REIT’s website.

  11. Unitholder Privacy
  12. AA REIT recognises the importance of Unitholders’ privacy and will not disclose Unitholders’ information without their consents, unless required by law.

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