Board Statement

The Board of the Manager believes that sustainable business practices are essential to growing long-term business value and support fundamental business objectives such as resilience, stakeholder best interests and resource efficiency. Accountability to our stakeholders, community and environment helps build a robust business foundation that can continue to thrive in the future. As we continue our drive towards good corporate citizenship, we are also committed to the transparent management of sustainability issues.

To support our efforts to integrate the consideration of sustainability issues into our business practices, the Manager had established a Sustainability Council (“SC”) in FY2017, which operates under the guidance of the Board. The SC comprises key executives across various business functions and are tasked with executing and monitoring sustainability practices as well as measuring performance results against our goals and targets. The SC is responsible for ongoing reviews and assessment of material ESG topics, identification of the nature and impact of relevant ESG topics in relation to the Group’s daily operations, as well as updates of key performance indicators and targets. Through the results of regular reviews and key performance measures, the Manager assures the Board and stakeholders of the effectiveness of the instituted sustainability management systems.

As subcomponents of the SC, the Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) and the Operational Health and Safety (“OHS”) Committee support the functions of the SC. The OHS Committee advises and makes recommendations to support AA REIT’s and the Manager’s health and safety matters while the SSC is responsible for the implementation and integration of specific sustainable practices at the operational level.

To access the full Sustainability Report, please refer to the following:

FY2019 Sustainability Report

Date: 21 Jun 2019
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